Friday, December 28, 2012

Victor Multi-Kill

So this blog has been dormant for awhile and my son and I have been working on a project. So what better way to bring this tired blog back from the dead!

I've been using the Victor Multi-Kill for the past year or so. It works very well. It uses a humane killing mechanism that electrocutes the mouse when it enters the chamber. The mouse is dispatched quickly, then it is disposed in the collection drawer. The drawer will hold up to 10 mice between resets. Over the last year the only problem I've had with the trap is that sometimes we forget to check it for mouse remains (in the summer time that is a serious problem). Below are a few images of the unit:

My plan is to modify this machine to send an email anytime a mouse is killed or if there are any issues needing attention.

Stay Tuned...

1. The Victor Multi-kill is available at
2. Peanut butter seems to be the best bait.

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