Friday, December 28, 2012

Victor Multi-Kill Teardown

The mouse trap is very easy to disassemble. There are four screws on the front around the battery door, one screw on the front right holding the top down, and then two screws at the back along the top of the top cover.

In order to pull the battery compartment out of the trap, the lid switch lead needs to be unplugged from the back of the circuit board. NOTE: Victor did an excellent job making this repairable. Each major component is connected to the board with a plug and socket NOT soldered to board. Kudos.

Here are some close up pictures of the various parts of the trap:

Chamber the mouse goes through starting at the back left.

The circuit board is screwed to the back of the battery compartment.
The lower left shows a small PCB where the bi-color red/green LED is located.
The motor which dumps the mouse after it has expired

Several wires enter the bottom of the chamber. I did not investigate them, although one is for high voltage capacitor charging!

Next up, identifying the main components of the circuit board and the design for getting this information to an email.

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